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Here's our process for evaluating properties and making cash offers:



Complete the form on this page. We'll look at your property online and then we'll get in touch (often same day) with questions about the property.



After we've talked about the property, we'll finish our process of finding comparable properties and completing our offer. We'll contact you within 24 hours with our no-obligation offer.



If you like our offer and want to sell, we'll send you paperwork to review and sign - you choose a close date, we'll pay the deposit, and we'll get to work on title and survey. It's as simple as that. Often, we can complete the sale in a little as 30 days.

Who is  Blue Lime Properties?

Blue Lime Properties is a well-respected house-buying company run by Chad Zingler and Steve Kiernan. We’re both long-time Western New Yorkers and still live here with our families.


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Blue Lime Properties


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Blue Lime Properties